Working With Children & Teenagers

How do you help Children and Teenages using hypnotherapy

Just like adults, children and young people feel worried and anxious at times but is it when these start to affect their day to day life that propblems can arise . There are numerous pressures and concerns specific to growing up - exams, social placement, the big question "who am I - who do I want to be?", not to mention social media, school life and parental pressures. These percieved threats can manifest over time and become out of control leading to imbalance. When a child or teenager feels like that it becomes hard for them to cope with life in general and this can affect their behaviour or cause unwanted symptoms to occur.

The world we now live in asks a lot of it's young people and they can feel the weight of that expectation very keenly, yet they may not have developed the tools and skills needed to cope with such pressures. The good news is they are tough resilliant and are in a stage of their lives where they are highly adaptable and open to learning. Change is natural to them,  so I tend to find they respond very well to the therapy we offer here and thoroughly enjoy taking back control over their lives.

We aim to give our clients the tools and skills needed to cope effectively with whatever life has in store for them and when we feel as if we can cope, invariably we can.

If your child’s anxiety is starting to affect their wellbeing and you are becoming concerned, please get in touch and we can discuss the next steps.

Enhanced Certificate for Disclosure & Barring Service is available upon request {updated 18th April 2016}

Testimonial from a tennager

I am starting this new year with a completely different outlook than the one I had 12 months ago and that is thanks to the help you provided me in restoring my ability to say no to my anxiety! Whilst there are still things I struggle with, it's a lot easier for me to see a way out of the horrible hole that is anxiety and that makes all the difference. It is also so reassuring knowing whenever I need to I can message you and arrange another session. 
Thank you so much for everything you did for me at the start of this year, I cannot express how much I (and my mum and dad) appreciated it.

R.C. 2016

Testimonial from a Parent who sought help using Hypnotherapy

As much as a parent can reassure their child sometimes this is not always enough. My son was going through a difficult time adjusting from adolescence to young adulthood and how he felt about himself and his confidence and how this stopped him from really fulfilling his life.

Using hypnotherapy my son discovered resources to deal with most problems or situations that he felt uncomfortable in. Richard opened his eyes to these new resources which enabled him to look for solutions to the problem he was faced with. We could see progress after only a few sessions, my son was much more positive in his approach to not only his school work, but also in his sport as well, he found a new confidence in himself. It wasn't without a few set backs we did hit a couple of bumps on the way, however, they were quickly resolved and we learnt not to dwell on them and move forward.

Our home felt a lot calmer and it was lovely seeing my happy son return.

- Mrs C.W. 2016

Link to an NHS article on the subject with an extract below

What are the signs of anxiety in children?

When young children feel anxious, they cannot always understand or express what they are feeling. You may notice that they become irritable, tearful, clingy or have difficulty sleeping. They may wake in the night, start wetting the bed or have bad dreams.

In older children you may notice that they:

  • lack the confidence to try new things or seem unable to face simple, everyday challenges

  • find it hard to concentrate

  • have problems with sleeping or eating

  • are prone to angry outbursts

  • have negative thoughts going round and round in their head, or keep thinking that bad things are going to happen

  • start avoiding everyday activities, such as seeing friends, going out in public or attending school