Feelings of depression in the majority of cases start slowly and build slowly over time so that a person can sometimes be unaware of how much they are suffering until feeling of being unable to cope or to go out or to socialise positively begin to set in, but by then we are already on the downwards spiral. Feeling like we cannot cope, cannot engage with the world , feeling as if we are trapped in our own negative thoughts are common amongst people suffering from depression and they have nothing to do with strength or character.

1 in 4 adults will suffer from some form of mental disorder each and every year so to say its common is an understatement. Yet it is hard for individuals to find the right support and help during those times. Often feelings of hopelessness and loneliness start to set in and being depressed alienates people as we are uncomfortable with the topic. For a vaste majority of people out there these feelings are a occuring more and more in todays modern world but there is a stigma attached to it that actually is part of the scondition as helps to create further feelings of depression. When we understand this we re able to reverse the proccess. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a gentle but effective way of turning things around and helping you to get back to the person you want to be.

Important Things to Know

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not ask the client to re-visit past traumas or move at a pace they are not comfortable with.

  1. Hypnosis trance is a very easy natural mind state where the client is always in complete control and at ease.

  2. An explanation of how the brain interprets our negative thoughts and emotions will aid the recovery process by empowering the client.

  3. When a person is able to relax both the body and mind at the same time a default repair system is triggered into action – this process has been identified as a vital part of creating healthy mental and physical activity.

  4. Solution Focused hypnotherapy is a gentle but effective talking therapy.

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