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Richard Lepper

Richard considers himself as fortunate in having lead a varied and diverse life with many ups and downs affording him a wealth of knowledge, experience and self-understanding. His use of "Solution Focused" thinking during his personal and professional life helped him enormously. “I use the techniques I now teach on a daily basis and I know how much they have helped me and my clients! I have been lucky enough to be self employed three times, clinically depressed twice (once in my early twenties when my first business went bust and then again in my early thirties as a leader of a Corporate Sales Team under immense pressure), so I had need of these techniques. They have seen me through many a tough task and emotional situation although it was not until I became a student of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy that I realise how depressed I had been back then and how much I had used some of these Solution Focused techniques to get me back to being me again!"

The history of Richards journey started when he was just 16 and being coached for Rowing. This was the start of his Sports Psychology and Richard was taught the art of visualisation for technical change and race day preperation, way back in 1984 . It worked as he has many national and international gold medals as well as becoming a successful coach. In 2001 he was introduced to Neuro Luinguistic Programming or NLP as part of a sales technique. Although useful to Richard, NLP was not a complete solution more a wonderful tool! Whilst as a corporate Sales Manager in Prime Central London Richard was put through various ‘Corporate training programes’ by the various different global executive training experts and this training gave him further insight into the working of the mind and more importantly its connection to the body.

Although these techniques guided Richard through the tough times as well as helped him reach the peaks of his successes, they came in a dis-jointed and flawed manner. It was only when Richard sought out the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy technique he uses now did all the pennies drop. Richard often says "I love my job - I get to bring happiness into peoples lives, I get to bring that feeling back to a person who has become lost and has forgotten what it is or who they are, I get to help people find a way to cope! That is such a wonderful thing to be able to do for another human being, I am truly fortunate!" 

When Richard sought treated for the loss and trauma of a very dear and much loved friend he was introduced to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (as taught by the renowned CPHT in Bristol). This brought all that previous knowledeg and experience together giving Richard a deeper understanding by filling in the gaps in his knowledge. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective yet very gentle talking therapy.  Richard was so moved by the experience he felt compelled to study it. Not to become a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist but to learn all he could about the human condition. He soon discovered he had a passion, a true vocation, he discovered he wanted to help people cope, help them to achieve whatever they want to, help people understand the whys, hows and what to do's, about the parts of their lives they were struggling with, he wanted to help people to be happy again.

Richard has successfully helped numerous individuals create lasting positive change in their lives – without re-visiting the past nor focusing on the presenting problem in any way. To understand how this is possible please don't hesitate to get in touch or give Richard a call. 

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