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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis or hypnotic-trance is a totally natural (& much needed) state for your mind & body. When we are in this state we move into our 'default healing mode'. This relaxed physical and mental state has been utilised by mankind for hundreds of thousands of years as a way of coping with this world of ours. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has helped people the world over cope with specific issues, change unwanted habits, overcome addictions, fears and phobias. To deal with trauma or loss, cope with chronic pain or illness, as well as to cope with unwanted symptoms, behaviours, emotions or thoughts.

"We don't need to visit the problems of the past to create a brighter future but we do need an understanding of how these things may have occurred in order to understand what small steps we can take to move forwards"

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How It Works

Neuro-Science has revealed to us how the brain functions. This research gives us an understanding of how we are affected by our thoughts and emotions, what we do with stress, anxiety and all those negative thoughts. Solution Focused Hypnotherapists use this understanding to help people take control of their thoughts so they can do the things they want to do.

Why It Works

When we are in control of our thoughts & emotions we feel confident, we feel great and we can achieve the most amazing things. Positive thinking & positive forecasting help us create positive activity which leads us to achieving what we want to in life, achieving the happiness we want for ourselves. Positive thinking allows us to remove feelings of fear and danger so we can move forwards and enjoy our lives.

How Will I Know Its Working?

We monitor your journey weekly using a system specifically designed for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists. We are able to show you the progress you are making thereby ensure you achieve the changes you want. The pace of you journey is decided by you and you will be in control of all your goals.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxed focused attention (a bit like having a controlled dream). In this relaxed mental state your mind is open to positive change and you will be able re-evaluate your thoughts and behaviours in order to create positive change. Technically we gain access to the conscious, subconscious and primitive minds (the Primitive Mind opperates our Fight, Flight, Freeze / Self-defence system).

Meet our Therapists

Richard and Caroline specialise in 'Solution Focused' hypnotherapy with Caroline's area of expertise being Hypno-Birthing using the "Easy Birthing" model. Richard focuses on the treatment of mental health issues such as depression-Stress-Anxieties-trauma-PTSD-weight control-anxiety-phobia-IBS and Children. As well as having great success in these areas Richard also working in the area of sports psychology and performance and can help you perfect that technique or perform in competion as you do in training.

Richard Lepper

Richard is a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who has helped numerous clients with various unwanted behaviours, conditions and symptoms by using a combination of Brain Based Research, Brief Solution Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP & CBT. Each client recieves a unique treatment plan and progress is monitored weekly to ensure the client is heading in the right direction, achieving what they wish to achieve. A relaxation and confidence audio CD is provided to aid the treatment plan along with the option of Skype sessions and additional telephone support where necessary for extreme cases.

Richard is also an expert in Sports Performance and has also been featured in The Times

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Caroline Laskowska CHBP HPD

Caroline is an "Easybirthing TM' practioner and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. Caroline can provide one to one hypno-birthing sessions or a weekend course invloving a few couples. Both treatments come with full supporting documentation, relaxation CD's and guided visualisation techniques for use during labour which combine into a relaxed and natural birthing experience. Skype & telephone support are available.

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What You Say About Us

A small collection of nice words we received from our happy clients over the last year...

  • Your sessions and recordings were super helpful - I really used them a lot and they went a huge long way towards me maintaining a really positive mindset throughout. Alex had to talk about the beach to me a lot!! And I had your recordings on most of the time and recited a lot of positive thinking mantras to myself to keep mentally focused. Even despite the speed of events, her size, and the fact that the cord was wrapped around her neck so we needed some swift action at one point (but she's totally fine) it was a genuinely all round super positive experience and I was counting my blessings immediately afterwards ... no trauma or anxiety to speak of at all so a big thank you for your part to play in that.

  • I really enjoyed my sessions with Rich, and got a lot out of them. I started the sessions as was very nervous about a new job I had. Even after the first session I learnt techniques that helped relax me. By learning how and why my brain was doing certain things, it really helped me make sense of the feelings and emotions that were then created. The hypnosis was also very relaxing, and again taught me techniques to overcome my nerves. Rich created a great environment, the vibe was very chilled. The sessions had a structure, but also ran at my pace. Rich made me feel really at ease, and we laughed and joked a bit too, which really helped me relax and feel like I could open up to him. The more honest I was the more I got out of the sessions. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone and would definitely go see him again in the future if I needed.

  • My name is Sahar. I am 36 years old and have two children. I had about 10 hypnotherapy sessions with Richard that were really useful and wonderful. Every day when I had therapy I learned one thing more about myself and my life. Richard is very positive , patient and an optimist person. Last year I encounter many problems and they made me very nerves and depressed. I couldn't concentrate on my every day life but by a friends recommendation I started hypnotherapy sessions with Richard. He taught me many things about my brain and its effect on my thoughts and actions . After 4 sessions I felt much better and more relax. The therapy worked on me! I could control my brain to do what I wanted. After one year I really know how useful it has been for me and my family. I also saw Caroline for one session and it was also so helpful for giving birth to my little baby. When you feel positive you can control your actions, you can be happy, this is what learn from the hypnotherapy. Thank you Caroline and Richard.

  • I first visited Richard last summer because he offered to help tackle my awful insomnia, which was affecting my family life and work in various negative ways. I'd been having trouble sleeping for several years, and just got used to always being a bit tired (I share a house with small noisy boys!). I admit I'm pretty cynical and was not convinced that much could be done. However, with weekly sessions over the next few months, Richard taught me to look at my situation in a completely different way. As well as learning lots of fascinating science stuff about the brain, he also showed me new and calmer ways to drop off to sleep, and an entirely fresh approach to coping with the horrible fear I had about dealing with the next day. I really enjoyed the good humoured nature of our sessions. I may still be a little sleep deprived, but I no longer lie awake gripped with the terrible anxiety that comes with it, and feel so much more positive thanks to Richard...and bear in mind this comes from someone who was very sceptical about hypnotherapy!